Taking teamwork seriously

Steve Vittorioso has been a volunteer at Career Collaborative since May 2017, serving as a class instructor for our evening Job Readiness and Job Search Course, which we launched last year with funding from Robert Kraft. He’s taught participants how to prepare for job interviews, negotiate salaries, and—perhaps most valuable—how to network, among other important lessons.

What Vittorioso loves most about teaching Career Collaborative participants is the diversity of their experiences and their deep motivation to jumpstart their careers. In teaching a cohort of Job Readiness and Job Search Course participants last fall, for example, Vittorioso enjoyed seeing the growth in his students’ confidence and their willingness to do the hard work of landing a job.

“They were so motivated and so excited to take on new opportunities and new challenges and share themselves with everyone,” said Vittorioso. “It made teaching a three-hour course more like having a three-hour conversation because they were just so passionate, so excited to talk about experiences with job interviewing and what are some dos and don'ts there.”

Vittorioso came to volunteer at Career Collaborative through our community partnership with Bullhorn, a firm that develops software for staffing and recruitment firms. The company, which was founded by Art Papas, the chair of our board of directors, has generously supported our work financially and through the volunteer efforts of employees like Vittorioso. The 33-year-old is Bullhorn’s senior media relations manager.

After joining the company in 2016, when Vittorioso learned about Bullhorn Cares, its corporate philanthropy initiative and the work it was doing with Career Collaborative, he says he knew immediately that he “wanted to get involved because giving back to the community is something that's so important.”

On a more personal level Vittorioso was drawn to the opportunity to be a volunteer teacher because two years ago he tragically lost a cousin who was very active in her community and devoted much of her volunteer work to tutoring others. “So this was a great way for me to help carry on her legacy and her spirit, and it's really been a truly rewarding journey,” said Vittorioso.

It's a journey through which Vittorioso has also been a learner.

“I’ve learned that it takes everybody in society to come together and flourish,” Vittorioso said. “In order to make our community a better place, we can’t leave anyone behind. Everyone has to be involved. This whole experience has sparked my passion for teamwork, partnership, and collaboration."

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