Introducing our Jam for Jobs line up!

Everyone’s buzzing about Boston Calling, Bonnaroo, Coachella, #Woodstock 50 and the umpteen other music festivals that are taking place all over creation this summer. But if you love live music but aren’t a fan of muddy fields, port-o-potties, and packs of selfie-obsessed Instagram influencers, join us at Jam For Jobs May 1 at Hard Rock Cafe Boston. It’s a corporate battle of the bands featuring Bluebird Bio’s JC and the Beakers; Bullhorn, Inc.’s Stampede; Monster’s The Spicolis; and Pega's The Layer Cakes.

 We can assure you’ll have access to a mud-free zone with working plumbing and a roof—not to mention free noshes, a pair of drink tickets, and the opportunity to win groovy prizes. Best of all, this rockin’ night of hassle-free fun will raise money for a great cause (in our opinion, at least): Career Collaborative’s career development-job placement program.

 We work with adults aged 19-55 in the Greater Boston area who are seeking quality jobs with benefits. We do this in three phases: job readiness training, job search support, and career development, and our approach gets results. Most of our participants land good jobs in stable industries including financial services, health insurance and care, education, and social services. Nearly 80 percent double their income from the approximately $16,000 they’re making when they walk through our doors for the first time to the $32,500 they’re earning after working with us. And thanks to our intensive post-hire career coaching, just over 80 percent of our participants are still employed 18 months after leaving our program. 

 Who will be the last band standing? That’ll be up to our distinguished judges, Alt 92.9’s awesome Amy Brooks and “rising goddess of twang” Ashley Jordan—and the Jam For Jobs audience, of course. So go get your tickets now!

 The Contenders (In no particular order)

The Layer Cakes

The Layer Cakes is comprised of sweet (and self-deprecating) folk who are grateful for their day jobs at Pega. The band formed to surprise and entertain the company at its annual kick-off event a few years back. Despite a wild and raucous reception, dreams of superstardom and stadium tours have eluded The Layer Cakes. Undaunted, the band takes every opportunity to get together to make good music and put a smile on a few faces. Worldwide adulation would just be the icing on their layers! Will Jam for Jobs be their breakout performance? Stay tuned!


The Spicolis

Taking their name from the Sean Penn’s beloved character of the 80’s classic "Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” the Spicolis embody the fun-loving ethos of Jeff Spicoli, while delivering hard-hitting rock and pop. Comprised of a crew of dedicated musicians from the Metrowest area, and repping Monster in Jam For Jobs, the Spicolis love to party, live to play, and will rock your socks off with an awesome mix of music from the 80's, topped with a smattering of 70’s AM Gold. The Spicolis repertoire includes tunes by the Cars, the Pretenders, the Police, ELO, Wang Chung, the Bangles, the Clash, Madness, Blondie, and some one-hit wonders. Totally awesome, bud!


Make way for Stampede! This fab foursome is returning to the stage after a long hiatus to compete in Jam For Jobs. Do they still have the chops to make the people rock, or have they gone the way of Nickelback? We’ll soon find out.

Founded in 2015, Stampede includes lead guitarist Art Papas, the CEO of Bullhorn, Inc. and Career Collaborative’s board chair; bassist Mitesh Ashar, Matt Fischer on lead vocals, rhythm guitar and keys; and drummer Alex Reinart. Stampede’s sound is heavily influenced by the Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, U2, and Pearl Jam. Check ’em out at

JC and the Beakers

This creative flock of Bluebird Bio employees came together late in 2017 to argue over whether their band should exclusively play songs that mention birds, flying, or the color blue. The debate rages to this day and may never be resolved, but much like Fleetwood Mac, Guns N, Roses, and Oasis, the drama and petty squabbles fuel their mystique and their music.

JC and the Breakers is comprised of hobbyists, independent artists, and new parents imposing on their significant others to watch the kids so they can practice. “We try to never lose sight of the fact that we’re the equivalent of the house band on a cruise ship, except the ship is trying to cure cancer and severe genetic diseases,” they say. Curing cancer is great and all, but the burning question is, can they rock the boat? You be the judge.

Last, there would be no Jam For Jobs without our generous sponsors, Bluebird Bio, Bullhorn, Epiq, Pegasystems, and Monster. We’re grateful for their support! It’s not too late to join these companies in sponsoring this event. It’s a unique opportunity to market your company, network with industry leaders, and support an organization with a record of great results. Get on the bandwagon!

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