For Epiq, hiring from our pool is win-win

As national operations manager at Epiq, Bill Botting has 23 direct reports. As of this writing, seven of them are graduates of Career Collaborative’s career development-job placement program.

 Last year, an eighth alum worked for Botting for two months before resigning when his wife took a job in Washington, D.C. Botting was so impressed with his work that Epiq—which provides legal support services to corporations, law firms, financial institutions, and government agencies—arranged for him to be promoted to an IT position at one of the company’s D.C. sites.

 He’s not the only manager at Epiq who has taken notice of Career Collaborative alums: “Working with Career Collaborative has been a great way to get well-trained talent that enhances our clients’ experience,” said Bryan Fenn, Epiq’s New England operations manager. “We just take their skilled graduates, layer on our training, and end up with folks who do really well. Some of them even rise up in the ranks within our organization.”

With the state’s unemployment hovering around 3 percent, many employers are struggling to fill vacancies in their businesses. For Epiq and other companies with whom we have a relationship, Career Collaborative is reliable solution in today’s tight labor market.

“I don’t know what you’re doing, but it’s working,” said Botting. “When your graduates come in, they know how an office works, they know what’s expected from an employee at work—the niceties, if you will. I can tell you right now, I’ve never had to write up an employee hired from Career Collaborative.”

What Botting has noticed over the years is that an employee who has gone through our program, including our two years of post-hire mentoring, are well prepared to meet the challenges and responsibilities to be found in a fast-paced workplace, he said.

“They also recognize growth opportunities available at the company and if they’re interested, they work toward them,” Botting added. “If I could sum it up, I’d say that their overall attitude is, ‘I'm going to do my work and I'm going to make sure it's done right, and if my boss needs help with this I'm going to help him.’ They are dedicated.”

Epiq has, in turn, been a tremendous partner to Career Collaborative. Epiq employees have volunteered, conducting practice job interviews with participants. Epiq has also supported Career Collaborative financially—most recently as a sponsor of our forthcoming Jam For Jobs fundraiser.

“It’s just been a wonderful partnership and it’s one that’s been mutually beneficial,” Fenn said.

Still, Botting does have one complaint: “I hire and supervise people around the country,” Botting said. “I wish Career Collaborative had programs in other cities!”

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