What our students are saying!

After one of our recent night classes concluded, we asked students for one word to describe how they felt after completing the course: Over and over again, we heard “Elated!”, “Stronger!” and “Equipped!”

But many had much more to say, and we’ve captured it here for our volunteers and supporters:

“Thank everyone individually—they came here to help us to grow and get great jobs in the future; to get us to our goals.”


“Thank you for you all your help but especially for helping us improve our confidence.”


“Thank your inspiration and for your showing us a bright future and for showing us about things we did not know before getting here.”


“Thank you in advance for my future success which will also be your future success!


“Thank you for the time; for being patient; because we are learning; now it’s our turn to learn from you!”


“Thank you for your dedication, perseverance and following through on promises and commitment. Our goal, now, is to pass it forward.”


“Thank you for your commitment—especially after 5 o’clock, staying and helping us with our resume and cover letter.”


“Thank you to everybody that came and gave us a key for a better future.”