March 2016

Job Placements

Congratulations to Carolyn, who came in yesterday to #RingTheBell and share her news of a full-time job as an Administrative Assistant with The Community Builders!

"It's been a journey. I just wanted to say that I could not have done it without the staff here, plain and simple. It's hard work and they are here to support you in every way. They provide the tools for you, and it works - but you have to work."


"When I came in this organization, I was just thinking to start any job because I am new to this country...that because [I'm new to] the U.S., my old experiences and Bachelor's degree would not work anymore. But they told me I can do whatever I want, and so I got my target job, with full-time and full benefits.

This is my second home. Thank you for making my life so much easier."

We are so proud of Yemisrach, who graduated from our February workshop and started a full-time job this week with DTI Global. She impressed in her practice interviews and ended up making a great connection with a great employer. #RingTheBell


Meet Daikersu, a graduate of our December 2013 workshop. He worked hard, put in applications and ended up with a great full-time position as a General Service Associate with Boston Medical Center. Since starting, Daikersu has been promoted and continues to build toward his career and financial goals by staying in touch with his career coach Carol. You could have great success like Daikersu – and we can help! Attend our next information session tomorrow at 1pm and learn how we can help you gain full-time employment and start building your career.


Meet Sally, who spent Leap Day with us to share the leaps and bounds she is making in her career!

She came in to ‪#‎RingTheBell‬ last Monday and celebrate her new job as a Cook with Sodexo USA at Curry College, sharing some goodwill and advice with our most recent set of workshop graduates. CONGRATULATIONS, Sally!


"When you go to your interviews, don't be scared. Show them the passion for what you're doing, and when they see the passion in you, you will get that job."

CONGRATULATIONS to Juliet! She came in last Friday to ‪#‎RingTheBell ‬and celebrate her new job as a Patient Care Assistant with Brigham and Women's Hospital.

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