August 2010 Highlights

Noor accepted the Help Desk Associate position with NWN Corporation where she will be providing outsourced end-user help desk services to the commercial, governmental, and education markets.

Roubbins started his job as a Data Entry Assistant at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He will be responsible for assisting with data entry of all visits and procedure codes for the hospital.

Yeuris is currently working temp to perm for Maximus Inc. as a Client Service Representative in the Call Center. He will continue working with us to target a Help Desk Specialist position.

Kerry is employed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital as a Lab Technician. The pay is the best she’s ever had, says Kerry.

Ruth was offered a housekeeper position at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for Aged.

Isabel accepted a Medical Supply Technician position with the Veterans Administration Hospital, where she will be earning over $33,000 per year with a sign in bonus of $5,000.

Sue is working in the Pediatric Department of the North End Community Health Center-MGH as a Medical Assistant.

Nilda starts work this week as a Pediatric Phlebotomist with MGH Boston.

Jude is working as a G2 Secure Staff Bag Runner/Wheelchair Assistant. He is committed to continue working with us to find his target job as a Security Officer.

Congratulations to all!