Job Readiness and Job Search Course

Our Job Readiness and Job Search course is offered Monday through Friday from 9am to 2pm and Monday through Thursday from 6-9pm. New classes begin each month. 

In these classes you will learn how to:

  • Write compelling resumes and cover letters
  • Build a professional network, including references
  • Negotiate a salary
  • Navigate workplace culture
  • Understand employer expectations
  • Set professional goals

You will also receive extensive coaching in preparing for job interviews. Throughout the course, you will engage in approximately 18 mock interviews with staff and volunteers where you can practice answering questions about your background, past work experience, and your strengths as a candidate. Our volunteers are professionals from businesses in the Greater Boston area and they will give you immediate feedback with suggestions for improvement so that you will be fully prepared when a potential job is on the line.

Victor, now employed in finance, on his successful job interview

“Everything they asked me on that interview was what I learned in this class, not in email, in this very class. … That was a hard interview and after the interview on Thursday, on Monday they called me: ‘How was [your] interview?’ I told them it was fine.  They say, well let us tell you we’ve given you the job!” 

AS seen @ cc: Nadia's day of Practice interviews 

Follow Career Collaborative participant Nadia through a day of practice interviews.

Every Job Readiness and Job Search class participant completes 18 practice interviews—over the phone, one-on-one, and with a group—in order to be fully prepared for real interviews when they begin applying for jobs.

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