Career Coaching

After you accept your new job, our skilled employment counselors will work one-on-one with you for up to two years. We’ll help you understand employer expectations, resolve common workplace conflicts, set performance goals, prepare for performance reviews and ask for raises.

We’ll also coach you on how to communicate effectively in the workplace, how to be a valued team member and how to nurture and grow your professional network. All of these practices and skills are fundamental to building a career at any stage of life, and you’ll benefit from this coaching for the rest of your professional worklife!  


They always contacted me. That’s what makes them so great. They did contact me. They asked, 'Are you okay? What’s happening at the job? What are you going through?' Right now, my job is going through a merger. I still like the job, but everything else is hitting the fan. But I’m strong. They made me strong enough to say, 'I can deal with this. I can see it through.' 


I enjoy having a Career Coach at Career Collaborative. My coach is helpful and understanding, someone that I can talk to about anything I need, someone that can help me with any situation I have on or off the job.  Career coaching is very helpful when you are starting back in the workforce. You can talk to them about your work load that you have and new ideals you may have like learning new skills for your job. 

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