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Success for us is continuous employment for our clients and reduced turnover for you

We help client employers in the finance, medical, technical, academic, hospitality, and social service sectors fill crucial entry-level positions with employees who are professional and responsible.

Our graduates are highly motivated to build careers. We prepare them with an intensive, four-week job-readiness class where they learn the fundamentals of workplace culture. We verify their US-based work experience and education and check their references. By the time we recommend a candidate for employment for a job opening, they’ve already proven their reliability and their interest in full-time employment.

After you hire our candidate for employment, we stay actively engaged with them for at least two years. We contact them on a regular basis to see how they’re doing. We coach them on how to communicate effectively, resolve common workplace conflicts, and be a valued team member. We also work with them to set professional goals and prepare for performance reviews.

As a nonprofit fully-funded by foundations and private donors, we provide our services to our candidates for employment and graduates free of charge.

Kate Walsh, president and CEO of Boston Medical Center,    seen here at our annual Leadership Breakfast event   .

Kate Walsh, president and CEO of Boston Medical Center, seen here at our annual Leadership Breakfast event.

Richard W. Curtis of State Street talks about professionalism and partnership with Career Collaborative.

Thanks to Career Collaborative, we’ve had a steady stream of terrific new hires to our hospital. The employees we’ve hired through Career Collaborative not only stay with our hospital - they get promoted.
— Kate Walsh, President and CEO, Boston Medical Center
As an client employer who has benefited from having hired six all-star graduates, I can say there is wonderful work being done at Career Collaborative.
— Bill Botting, Epic


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