Level Up

Not everyone who finishes high school goes on to college. But they still want opportunities to pursue meaningful work and plan for their future with the help of mentors. We have partnered with the Boston Public Schools to offer on-site classes at Greater Egleston Community High School and Boston Adult Technical Academy. Students at these schools are between 19-22 years old and have not been successful in more traditional settings. Many work full-time at minimum wage jobs while they complete their high school degree. Many are also are single parents and learning English as their second language.  

In these classes, students learn in small group settings as well as one-on-one sessions with skilled instructors. Students have opportunities to set up informational interviews with our employer partners, shadow employee volunteers to learn about potential careers, and attend career fairs. 


Our curriculum covers how to:

Create a résumé

Navigate workplace culture

Practice interviewing skills

Understand ways in which careers can progress

Understand employer expectations and the role of job screenings

Build a professional network, including references