Career Collaborative teaches unemployed and under-employed adults with low-income jobs how to build careers that change lives and strengthen families. 

At Career Collaborative, we don’t work with clients just so they can land a job. We work with them so they can build a career, support their families, and make lasting contributions to their communities.
— Susan Yule, President & CEO

stories of change

Making an impression

Not long after starting his Job Readiness class, Karim did a practice interview with a volunteer from DTI. He did so well in the interview that the volunteer invited him to apply for a position with the company. Karim followed through and is now working for DTI as an Office Services Clerk!

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Foot in the door

After earning her degree in biotechnology at Roxbury Community College, Renee came to Career Collaborative for assistance with her job search. After completing the Job Readiness class and joining the Job Club, Renee was offered a job with Addgene as an order processing assistant. Three months after taking the job, a research team that she supported published an article in the scientific journal SciMedCenter. One month after that, she was invited by the Research Manager to transfer to the research department, where her true passion lies.