Young Adult Job Seekers

Are you just starting out in the workplace and not able to find a quality job? You’re not alone. Young people age 20-24 face higher rates of unemployment than older adults. Our program specializes in assisting candidates for employment who have little workplace experience how to confidently present their background, talent, and experience to potential employers. 

We steer our young adults candidates for employment to develop skills that meet the needs of Greater Boston’s largest employers in the fields of healthcare, higher education, the banking and financial industry, hospitality, and the nonprofit sector.

We also teach the critical skills necessary to a successful job search, including how to:

Write compelling resumes and cover letters

Build a professional network, including references

Negotiate a salary

Navigate workplace culture

Understand employer expectations

Set professional goals

Area professionals serve as interviewers during intensive practice interview sessions, and they share their expertise and insight on a variety of topics in our workshops.