Our Impact

When candidates for employment walk through our doors, their annual incomes range from $2000 to $11,000. After completing the four-week training portion of our program, 70 percent have secured a full-time job with benefits, and they will be earning approximately $35,000 within their first year of full-time employment. This is the difference between getting by and getting ahead, and the ripple effects from our graduates’ success is life-changing for their children and families and strengthens their communities. 

But don’t take our word for it, take theirs. 

From where I started to where I am now is completely transformative. I didn’t have a high school education, I had three children and I wanted to start working. Once I started with them, I started succeeding. Where am I now? I’m a success story.
— Ruth Rollins, domestic violence outreach and support coordinator and founder of We Are Better Together, the Warren Daniel Hairston Project for mothers of children who have suffered from or inflicted violence in the community.
I learned so many things that I never would have otherwise, like financial literacy and budgeting, salary negotiation, and even networking.
— Joana Nushi, bank branch supervisor
What’s so helpful about going to Career Collaborative is that people would encourage me and say, ‘The right job is out there, the right job is out there.’ And the practice interviewer helped us to find our strengths. If we had a weakness, she helped us find a way to make it into a positive rather than a negative thing.
— Marsha Shaw employer and payroll reporting analyst
After getting laid off, I relied on the tools I learned from Career Collaborative. I looked over my résumé, added all of my new skills, and—thankfully—got the new job I was looking for!
— Daniel President, healthcare customer service representative