Returning to the workforce and landing a job

Tata Sanor is a housekeeper at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital in Jamaica Plain, a job she obtained after completing our four-week Job Readiness Training course.

Prior to her enrollment, Sanor (pictured left with Career Collaborative instructor Maddy Lawson) was a full time stay-at-home mother. Though she was serious about finding employment outside the home, she was initially skeptical about spending four weeks to prepare for her job search.

“I was like, oh my goodness, a month to take a class? Just to get a job? I said, that’s too much,” recalled Sanor.

Nonetheless, she visited Career Collaborative to learn more and came away impressed by the enthusiasm of the people she met. “That gave me courage to come back,” said Sanor, who decided to apply to enroll in the course.

Sanor does not regret her decision. By the third week of the Job Readiness course, she said, “I didn’t want to leave. It was so enjoyable.” Sanor singled out instructor Maddy Lawson for being particularly helpful. “She taught me a lot, to be honest,” said Sanor. “As a teacher, I learned a lot from her.”

Having been on only one job interview, Sanor said the job interview training was invaluable. “Today, I’m very grateful and very happy. Every week they taught me how to talk to people, how to do the interview [and] you know, practice,” she said. “It helped me a lot.”

Indeed, Sanor strikes a note of confidence when discussing her interview at Brigham and Women’s, noting how she impressed the person who is now her boss, along with the hospital’s human resources staff.

“I went there one time [and] I got a job,” she said. “It was not difficult at all.”

Sanor has some advice for others who may have doubts about committing to Career Collaborative’s approach to building a life-changing career: give it a try, because the benefits are worth it.

“I’m working hard. And I get my check every week, so that’s great,” said Sanor, smiling. “And my advice is to never give up. Come, take the class, give [it] a shot, just try your best, and you’re going to get a result.”

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